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From The Parents: The stories from parents all over the state about how their children have been forced to wear masks, sometimes two masks, without any account for the child's health, disability status, or wishes, are more than concerning.   That's why we hired the best Constitutional Attorney in New Jersey, Bruce Afran, to bring the question to the court: is there legal authority to mandate this? Click for our legal fund>>


Check back for update on Zoom meeting with Mr. Afran for week of May 17

Bruce Afran, Attorney

Forced Masking of Our Children? 

Should children be forced to mask in school?  Does government have the right to force this on our kids?  Will it hurt their development?  Has anyone studied this experiment on our children?  

We say NO!  And we believe the Constitution says NO!

We believe the Governor and the Legislature do not have the legal authority to force masks and vaccination on children.  As Bruce Afran's decades of constitutional law practice has shown, such measures intrude on parental rights, interfere with our children's development, violate our children's First Amendment rights, cause anxiety and physical harm and expose children to the risk of an unstudied vaccine that has no long-term approval.  Many other  orders issued by the Governor to control the economy, our private lives and businesses may also be illegal, all issued under color of law without due process, public legislative debate or public hearings. 

Join us in our efforts to stop these abuses of power and the harmful impact on children and their growth and development. 


Bruce Afran is an expert Constitutional Attorney well-versed in Constitutional law and the judicial process when rights are questioned.

The details: He will file a complaint for injunctive relief under title 42 sect. 1983 violation of Constitutional Rights by the Gov. Executive Orders, and spotlight the harm masks are causing -- with the overall request being a Injunction with an Order to Show Cause and a request for a summary judgment that the Executive Orders are unconstitutional.

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